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entrepreneurs since 2002

This video is a part of the main documentary on how we engage with my clients. You can see full version here.


Save your precious time | minimise failure | reach goals faster

1. Since I am into branding and also an engineer, past 20 years has presented me with a unique opportunity to work closely with entrepreneurs from different industry verticals. Most of these projects were either startups or for existing companies who wanted to transform.

2. I strongly believe that you can learn a lot from failures of others. I have witnessed that very closely while working with the industry. The failure rate of any project drastically reduces the moment one can find out how many different ways you are going to fail. However, the time and money required to evaluate through self-assessment is very high. Consultation helps to reduce your failure rates and also validates your path.

3. Since you will validate your path during my consultation and also learn about possibility of failures you will reach your goals faster.