Our Global Team Member



Creating a neat responsive website and beautiful graphics is an essential service offer when it comes to "Branding". However, the challenge of branding or transforming a B2B engineering or technology company is beyond that. That's why we have our members like Mr.Anil More, who has over 48 years of international experience in precision engineering and dimensional metrology. 


His techno-commercial skills help us in many ways to streamline and compile complex technical information, especially while creating large engineering catalogs and complex technology websites.


His fine engineering skills and vast experience in dimensional metrology are handy where precision is of prime importance. 


He has international exposure in UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, the US, Japan and China, in providing engineering solutions and also conducting engineering related trade shows.

He has streamlined production methods and quality inspection in different manufacturing processes. He has vast experience in Gauge design and development. Setting-up of high precision dimensional measurement, calibration and standards laboratory. Setting Quality Management Systems, product quality, and process audit methodology. 


He has played a pivotal role in the Technology transfer process for many companies.